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washington d.c. here comes your daddy.

hello there.

so today was band practice all day.

we got a surprise for you guys at the next show.

oh and i got a ticket today...

no not a traffic ticket..

a fucking nopise violation baby.

yes during band practice today were were stopped by the cops. i mean, hey the drug rate in cortland is enormous, domestic violence and other small time crimes that cna change peoples lives are happenning. but lets bust the kids who dont do drugs, who arent stealing shit.. no lets fuck wiht the kids who arent doing anything wrong except playing their guitars too loud.

cortland cops.

i salute you.


so then there was the frog which was a disappointment / good time.

now here i am.

about to leave for washington in like an hour.

if you love me youll comment.

you will also pray for my uncle and the soldiers fighting in iraq. cause they are making a stand there as we speak.

oh and yassur arafat died. thank god.

the fucking idiot.

can i get a side order of peace with that 'mamme?

bye <3 - jack
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