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Court Tomorrow :X

word homies.

whats going down?

fo' real?

no wizzle!?!

shibby :P

so anyways...

my computer has been on the fritz the past few days.

tomorrow is friday...

tomorrow i have court...

and i also put in an application to the downtown deli caus ei need a job. and i need one fast cause i am running out of "dough".

so tonight i couldnt go to the le moyne college thing because no one else could go so i was stuck at the frog. i played a horrible set. but eh. you iwn some you lose some.

it didnt affect my charming good looks :)

you kno how i know this?

this hot chick was like checking me out and then conitinued to look at me. it was awesome cause everytime i caught her she would try to hide the fact she was looking. twas awesome.

my confidence is back.

note to self: dont talk to ashley or rose.

just kidding, just kidding..

so i havent tlaked to ashley on the phnoe in quite a while. id ont know why but eh you know.

so yea. i went skateboarding with harvey after school today and i ollied a five stair... and then i mullet flipped it. i almost kickflipped a three stair but they put like pebbles in fornt of it or something.

fucking assholes.

then on the way home i was almost killed twice by cars. and the last time i would have landed the damn trick if she hadnt of pulled out and almost killed me.

yo i like ollied to manual this hue thing where dollar foods used to be and i was doing the whole thing and then


the bitch pulls in fornt of me and she is like about to cry form being so shooken up and im liek you fuckin whore.. iw ould have landed that shit.

so anwyas.. yes.

i am tired.

my uncle is still in intensive care but hes opened his eyes and hes talking somewhat. he doesnt remember having surgery or anything else liek that which is good. that means the stuff they agve hiom is working.

so yea keep praying. the doctors are sayign hes on the up swing. i guess God does answer prayers.

bye <3 - jack
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