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washington took my load.

hello there.

whats going on with all of you people?

ive been in washington d.c. the past day or so you know. just to give bush a nice slap on the ass.

just kidding.

although i did promise cody miller i would for him.


so washington was fucking awesome but rainy.

and i was wearing my trademark moccasins which made sure to soak up as much water as possible.

same wiht my hoodie.

so being wetter than your moms cooch after a run in wiht yours truly, we visited the big monuments (lincoln memorial, vietnamn, korean, washington, jefferson...

my favorites were the vietnamn and washington memorials. because ive read alot of books on racism and that whole thing and the movement but to see where thousands stood to gain the liberties most of our ethnic diverse land still do not enjoy to their full potential was inspiring. you wouldnt believe how large that place is. pictures dont do it justice.

and the vietnamn memorial.. it was a little nerveracking to actually see that many names.. it makes war casualties a reality for me.

that many people for such a ... i dont know...

false thing..

i cant put that shit in words.

so anyways...

after that we hit the holocaust museum and i didnt learn much. like it mostly put some stuff in perspective. i knew it all already. ive read enough on it through the years but some of the experimentsgot to me to hear them described in such vivid detail from a survivor of it all. the sterilization of the inferior races was what ot to me.. ugh.

so after that we went to lunch if that makes any sense to you..

me dovi and chels and tanya went to go find some places down the street form the white house but got lost 7 times in the process.

finally found the area thanks to the nice people of washington.

decided on the austin grill. great place. sort of like applebees meets taco bell but better quality food.

from their we hailed a cab and went for some clothes because we were fucking soaked to the bone.

the cabby brought us to this place i think it was like felenies basment or soemthing liek that.. if your ever in washington, go. its cool.

at this point i was thinking to my self...

im bored.
im cold.
im wet.
im still hungry.
and im shopping......

with women.

dont want to tlak about it.
it was just wrong.

they enjoyed themselves though so its all good.

they made me look homosexual .. literally.

dovi wanted to hit me with a fuckign sweater but thank god chel shot that down. lol

whatever. i didnt look half bad when i wore it.

got a lot of compliments.

so yea. i saw my uncle today and he had his eyes open and he was able to nod and shit..
he seemed a little gone..
so keep praying please.

hes important to me and close.

randy called me up. (josh form jersey's dad) who is really cool wiht me to tell me he was praying for him and my family and everything as was ellen(mom)

its cool to know so many care and its good to have thigns put into perspective.

so i ahve to go and sleep the sleep i didnt get last ngiht because of mom and uncle and other stuff on my mind.

i think ive got it figured out. its just shit goes down and shit falls apart and new stuff builds on old shit. then the new shit breaks apart and the old shit comes back then new shit happens with the old shit. its fucking confusing but you know.

it all comes back to the truth.

bye <3 - jack
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