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these paths have led me to desolate desert lands.


whats going on?

don't feel like talking?

me neither.

but this is like my thing. livejournal. i dont tlak to people i tlak to a god dman computer.

go me.


my uncle had an emergency surgery yesterday and colin, casey, and larissa spent the night at my house so i was up all ngiht wiht the twins.

then went to doctors and was just told that my toe is broken.

and really i dont give a shit.

its a fucking toe. i dont need it.

i really want to go to syracuse to see my uncle so i can pray wiht him.


they are thinking of sending him to boston because they cant help him really here.

my mom says hes really bad and this is an impportant decision.

she also says it could go either way.

and by either way i mean there is a bady way and a good way.

lets just fucking hope wiht everyhting it goes the good way cause this mutha' fuka' is the closest thing ive had to a father my whole life.

so go fucking pray or something.

or at least think about him if you dont pray. at least give him that muhc.
for me.

bye </3 - jack
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