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i need to catch the fucking super flu or something.

hey all.

whats up?

i am just. you know.


so its been a while.

2 people came on halloween.




so we watched this gay ass movie.. the entity... was scary for 10 minutes then became a softcore porn..

alright then the elections came...

and bush won...

like we knew he would...

then that thursday i debated at the frog over alot of things.

i love you mike and sandra.

then fridayy night me casey and colin and greg roamed the streets and shit and hung out at thwe cololege and then c & c broke off to go home so me and the homo picked up josh and went back to my house to eat all the food in the house.

and then some pizza.

so yesterday i had band practice til like 10:30 then work form 11-4. then gregs fucking hockey game.

everyone bailed on the movies so i was home .



not good.


so im still fucked.

my friiends are still getting the chicks and shit.. but you knwo thats how it works for now.

but there will be a day when i fucking rule all your asses bitches with my fucking cock........

ya' fuckin' whores'

bye <3 - jack
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